Vaccine Indicators

Vaccine Status Indicators will display on Complete List on the Historical Status Indicators tab. The Indicators found in this tab are read only, no manual entry is permitted. Any newly added indicator will be read only.

Listed below are valid indicators that will stop vaccine forecasting.

  • Refused: Selection of refusal from the Order Worksheet or Complete List.
  • Documented Disease: Entry in Problem List as Documented Immunity.
  • Documented Immunity, serology: Entry in Problem List as Documented Immunity.

Indicators will be mapped as follows.

  • Documented Disease (DD) - Documented Disease, Other.
  • Documented Immunity (DI) - Documented Immunity, Other.
  • Refused (R) - Refused, Parent Decision (permanent, will no longer be forecast).
  • Adverse Reaction (AR) - Deferred, Medical Precaution.
  • Deferred: vaccine not available (DNA) - Deferred, Other, Out of Stock.
  • All other statuses: (AS, SC, NR, NRL, DMC, DVH) - are not valid reasons to adjust vaccine forecasting and will remain as historical references.