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Vaccine Inventory

Version 14.8

About Vaccine Inventory

Path: Activities Menu > Maintain Vaccine Inventory [Alt][A][V])

For a Vaccine Inventory Quick Reference Guide, click here.

The Vaccine Inventory window maintains the vaccines in your inventory.  Vaccines are logged with a Lot Number and can be borrowed or paid back from this location.  From this window you can:

  • Add new lots for vaccines
  • Determine Active and Inactive lots
  • Retire lots
  • Borrow or Payback vaccines

Vaccine Inventory Map




+ New buttonThe + New button opens the Vaccine Inventory Item Detail window.  Complete that window to add a new Vaccine to the Inventory.


Print GridThe Print Grid button prints the report as it appears in the Vaccine Inventory grid.


Print Lot #The Print Lot prints the vaccine inventory report for the date range selected.


Borrow or PaybackThe Borrow or Payback button opens the Choose a Vaccine Lot.  In Office Practicum, the borrow/payback function within the Vaccine Inventory is used as an accounting tool to be able to switch the vaccine to the opposite stock (VFC or Private).  Selecting this button opens the Choose a Vaccine Lot window.  The Choose a Vaccine Lot window moves vaccines from one lot to another in order to help your staff document your patient's chart accordingly.


Availability  radio buttonsThe Availability radio buttons indicate the types of vaccines that will appear in the Vaccine Inventory grid. Active, Inactive, Retired, All


Show Only Borrowed Lots checkboxThe Show Only Borrowed Lots checkbox is used to display only borrowed lots (any availability) for the selected date range.


Vaccine Inventory gridThe Vaccine Inventory grid displays the vaccine inventory based upon the selected availability criteria.