Vaccine Inventory Management with Barcodes

Version 14.10

Tagging Existing Inventory

When you first acquire a barcode scanner, you should retrofit all existing Active and Inactive lots to include the NDCs and GTINs. Go to the Vaccine Inventory Form and click the Edit button on the first active lot. Find a box of this vaccine in your refrigerator and scan it. You will see the NDC and GTIN fields populate automatically, but everything else will remain the same. Click to save these values and close the form.

Repeat this process for each Active and Inactive Lot. While you're at it, you should try to ensure that there is only one Active lot of each product for each VFC status. That way, when nurses choose inventory to administer, the system will know exactly which lot number they are working with.

Creating New Inventory

When you receive a new shipment of vaccines, go to the Vaccine Inventory Form as you normally would. Click the New button to bring up an empty Vaccine Inventory Details form. Rather than typing, scan the NDC code on the box of any item in the shipment. The system is preloaded to know which manufacturers and products are associated with a given NDC, so the top part of the form will populate automatically. In addition, if you had previously tagged at least one older lot with the same NDC, the system will populate the most recent VFC status and Cost. You only need to manually enter the Lot Number,  Total doses in lot and Expiration Date, and confirm the VFC status and Cost, which may vary. If you already have plenty on hand from older shipments, be sure to assign Inactive status to this inventory. The system will know you own it, but will not show it to the nurses until the currently Active lot runs out of doses or gets retired.