Vaccine Management


Vaccine Body Sites and Admin Routes
Vaccination site/route codes enable you to record the site or administration route of a vaccine.
Archive VIS Sheets
In this article, you will be instructed on how to add, edit or delete VIS (Vaccine Information Statement) sheets associated to vaccine administration.
Vaccine Name vs Brand Name
The OP Vaccine Names are entered into the system according to their components to ensure consistent forecasting since there can be multiple Brand Names for the same vaccine.
Editing Vaccine Products
This article will show you how to edit vaccine codes.
Changing the Inventory Name in OP
In Office Practicum you are able to change the Inventory Name to reflect the brand name of vaccines for easier identification in the inventory.
Adding New Vaccine Inventory
Click the New button. The Vaccine Inventory Item Detail window displays. New vaccine: Vaccine Inventory Item Detail window. Click the dropdown arrow in the Inventory name field and select.
Distinguishing Between Multiple Brand Names in the Vaccine Inventory
Follow the steps for adding a new lot into the inventory. Enter the "brand" name into the Notes field.
Entering a Multi-Dose Vial
The number of doses in a multi-dose vial will depend on whether you are using it for 6-35 months, 6 months + or 3 years and older. When you receive your shipment determine how many vials will be assigned to 6-35 months, 6 months + and 3 years+. Label the vials in the refrigerator so staff know which vial to use for each age group
Active vs Inactive Lots
An Active lot in OP is the lot entry in the inventory that your practice is currently administering to patients. Any vaccine stock that you are not administering can be Inactive lots.
Retiring Lots
A Vaccine lot may be retired when it has reached its expiration date or is no longer usable. You may also retire a lot which was entered incorrectly.
Grid Report: Reconciling Your Inventory
The Grid Report will allow you to reconcile your inventory. Printing the grid report will give you a snapshot of what is currently in your OP Inventory to compare to what is in your refrigerators.
Lot Number Report
The lot # report in the vaccine inventory will allow you to find out how many patients received a vaccine.