Vaccine Resource Links

Version 14.10
  1. Vaccine Schedules contains the following
  • Immunization Schedule for Aged 18 Years or Younger, United States, 2018
  • Interactive with Hyperlinks to footnotes
  • Footnotes contain: routine recommendations, catch-up schedules, and special situations
  1. Vaccine Programs contains the following:
  • Code Sets:
  • NDC Crosswalk tables - a comprehensive list with Brand name, Sale NDC vs Use NDC, Sale GTIN vs Use GTIN, CVX and CVX description. In the OP Product table, the NDCID represents the Sale NDC and the GTIN represents the Sale GTIN.
  • CPT mapped to CVX - where Vaccine name equals CVX description.
  1. Vaccine Information Sheets contains the following:
  • Links to each current VIS sheet and dates are listed with link
  • Link to the vaccine schedule above
  1. Immunization Action Coalition contains the following:
  1. ACIP Acronyms contains the following: 
  • Table of standardized vaccine abbreviations developed by the CDC and ACIP.
  1. MVX Codes contains the following: 
  • CDC Manufacturer of vaccines code table.
  1. CVX Codes contains the following:
  • CDC CVX code mapping to vaccine groups.
  1. CPT/CVX Mapping contains the following:
  • CDC cross-reference of CPT codes to CVX codes as they relate to vaccines.
  1. Product mapping: CVX and MVX contains the following:
  • CDC Product name mapping to CVX and MVX codes.
  1. Route of Administration contains the following:
  • CDC recommended administration route and site related to vaccines.
  1. CVX/VIS Mapping contains the following:
  • CDC CVX-VIS mapping table that shows the relationship between the vaccines's CVX code and VIS codes. This table is intended as a guide.