Verify All Appointments Have Charges Posted

Version 14.8


The steps below help to ensure every patient on the schedule has charges posted if they were seen.

Verify all Appointments have Charges Posted

There are two methods to ensure all appointments have charges posted. Incorporating the utilization of these features will allow for a check and balance for missing electronic superbills or charges being captured for each patient visits.  

Method A: Show Blank Billing Status This returns all scheduled patients with appointments that have no Billing Status indicated in the Tracking tab.   

  1. Click on the Schedule button to open the Schedule and Practice Workflow window.
  2. Click on the Tracking tab .
  3. Click the Show Billing Reconciliation check box, located at the top of the window. This will cause the Billing Reconciliation window to appear. 
  4. Locate the row of radio buttons at the top and click to select your reporting criteria: 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, or 180 day. It is recommended so select 180 days in order to reconcile all of your appointments within the last 6 months.  

  1. Once the selection has been made, click the Show Blank Billing Status button.

  1. On the left side of the window each of the providers who have unreconciled appointments will appear along with the total amount of unreconciled appointments in parentheses. 
  2. Click on the plus sign button to the left of a provider's name to expand the unreconciled appointments for that provider. The screen will now list the dates for these unreconciled appointments. 
  3. Click on the plus sign button to the left of the date to expand the name of the patient(s) with the unreconciled appointment. 
  4. You now need to determine the reason that the visit was not billed. Once the reason as to why the visit was not billed is clarified, select the appropriate billing status(Superbill Exist, Completed, No Show, or Cancelled) to reconcile the appointment. 

Method B: Unbilled Charges for Scheduled Appts report - This report is located under Reports menu - Standard Reports. The report shows scheduled appointments for patients that do not have an associated superbill or charge transaction for the appointment date.  

From the dropdown select Unbilled Charges for Scheduled Appointments.