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View a Family Account Balance

Version 14.19


Account balances for patients who have been linked financially are viewed in the Account Summary of the patient chart. For more information on the methods for linking families, visit Linking Families in OP.

View Family Balances

  1. Navigate to the patient chart of one of the financially linked patients.
  2. Click Account Summary in the Window Navigation Panel.
  3. In the Owes section of Charges/Aging, view the family balance. To see the breakdown of balance per patient, locate the Bal Owed column in the Financial Family section of the window.

Version 14.10


Family account balances can be viewed on both the Patient Directory window and the Patient Account window (of any linked family member). For more information on linking families, visit Linking Families in OP 14.

View a Family Account Balance from the Patient Directory

  1. Click on the Register button to open the Patient Register.
  2. In the Search box  type in the name of the patient and click the Patient Search button .
  3. Click on the Family tab. This button will show the patients who have the same mother or father or are marked as residing with the selected patient.  

View a Family Account Balance from the Patient Account

  1. Click on the Account button .
  2. View Family Owed under Charges/Aging. The Family Owed amount includes the balance due from the patient you are viewing.