View a Patient's Claim History

Version 14.8


Follow the steps below to learn how to review a claim for charge and payment history. 

Viewing a Patient's Claim History

  1. Click on the Account button  to open the Patient Account.
  2. If needed use the Search box to locate a patient.
  3. Click the Claims tab .
  • Claims will be listed in chronological order with the most recent date of service at the top.

  1. The details for an individual claim can be viewed by clicking the plus sign next to the claim number or to view details for all claims click the check box next to

  • Patient payments will be in orange.
  • Insurance payments will be in green.
  • Click the Include Voids  to see any voided claim lines.  
  1. Specific claims or types of claims can be viewed as follows:
  • By Status: All- shows all of the patient's claims regardless of the status, Due- will list claims with either an insurance balance, patient balance, or both. Prf?- claims where the sum of payments and adjustments does not equal the total applied against a particular CPT.

  • Date Range: From All to claims older than 90 days.