View a Patient's Credit History

Version 14.10
  1. Click the Patient Account button .
  2. If needed, use the search box  to locate the patient
  3. Click the Credits tab.
  • The Credits will generally appear in chronological order, based on when the credit was entered into the system. The most recently entered credit will appear at the top of the list. Credits can be grouped together by clicking the Patient Credit column header, as can the Debits by clicking the Patient Debit column header. 
  1. Current credits will appear in blue until a daysheet is processed. Once a daysheet has been processed, the credit will appear in black and no longer be current.
  2. You can see in the Patient Credit column the credit amount collected for that date of service. The Patient Debit column shows when those credits were applied.
  3. Use the Receipt button  to print a receipt for a selected date of service or highlight all or specific dates to print a more inclusive payment history for the patient.