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Viewing the Billing Status on the Schedule

Version 14.19


Users have the option to view appointments on the Calendar and Tracking Schedules by their Billing Status. This status displays appointments depending on what Billing Status the appointment is in as opposed to the Visit Status the appointment is in. If an appointment does not have a Billing Status, the field remains blank. The statuses and their display colors are:

  • Superbill Exists - Appointment is displayed in light blue.
  • Ready to Bill - Appointment is displayed in bright green.
  • Complete - Appointment is displayed in gray.
  • No Show - Appointment is displayed in red
  • Cancelled - Appointment is displayed in dark gray.

From Billing Status From the Calendar Schedule

Path: Clinical, Practice Management, or Billing tab > Schedule button > Calendar radio button
  1. Navigate to the Calendar Schedule window by following the path above.
  2. Click the Settings drop-down menu located on the right side of the window.

  1. In the Status color section, select the Billing Stage radio button. The appointments on the Calendar Schedule are now displayed in the Billing Status colors.

From Billing Status From the Tracking Schedule

Path: Clinical, Practice Management, or Billing tab > Schedule button > Tracking radio button
  1. Navigate to the Tracking Schedule window by following the path above.
  2. Locate the Billing Status column. The Billing Status for the appointment is displayed.

Tip: If the Billing Status column is not displayed, click the Show/Hide/Move columns button  located to the left of the first column in the grid, and select the Billing Status checkbox.

Version 14.10


The Billing Status will organize appointments into 5 groups: No Charges Exist, Superbill Exist, Complete, Cancelled, or No Show.

From the Schedule

  1. Click on the Schedule button  to open up the Schedule and Practice Workflow window.  
  2. Locate the Calendar Preferences on the left hand side.

  1. Look for the preference labeled Status Color and change the view from Visit Stage to Billing Stage by clicking on the radio button.

  1. The appointments on the Calendar will now appear in five different colors depending on what Billing Stage the appointment is in. The five different colors mean the following:
  • White - No superbill charges have been created for the patient.
  • Blue -  A Superbill exists for the patient.
  • Light grey - Superbill charges have been posted (completed) to the patient's account.
  • Red - The patient was a No Show for their appointment.
  • Dark grey - The patient Cancelled their appointment.

From the Tracking Screen

  1. Click the Schedule button. The Calendar is displayed.
  2. Click the Tracking tab.
  3. Look for the Billing Status column. If this column is not displayed on the Tracking screen click the Grid icon (to the left of the Time column in the left corner of the window)and select the Billing Status checkbox to make it visible.

The Billing Status displays 5 different colors depending on the appointment's billing stage.