View Clearinghouse Claim Acknowledgements and Rejections

Version 14.8


If your office has a supported clearinghouse and your claim audit reports were downloaded into OP via the Fetch and Process functionality.

Viewing Clearinghouse Claim

  1. Click on Billing button to open the e-Billing center. 
  2.  Click on the Claims + A/R tab
  3. Click on the Stage drop down and select to view Acknowledged by clearinghouse, Acknowledged by payer, or Rejected/Denied.

  1. Select Status History as the Details option located directly above the claim grid, then click on the Plus sign to the left of a specific claim to expand the claim details section and view Status History.  

  1. This will allow you to view the status date, category, notes, etc. pertinent to a specific unpaid claim. 

The window will display all unpaid claims. By making the appropriate selections on this screen, you can isolate your view by:
  • stage
  • category
  • batch #
  • has insurance balance
  • has patient balance
  • payer
  • provider
  • date range
  • location