View Prior Notes While Charting a Visit

Version 20.7


There are several ways to view prior Well and Encounter Notes while charting a visit. These methods include using the:

Prior Notes Button

The Prior Notes button from within a visit note (Well Visit or Encounter) can be used to see the prior same type of note. 

  • When charting a Well Visit, the Prior Notes button in the Interval Hx can be used to see prior Well Visit notes.

  • When charting an Encounter, the Prior Notes button in the CC/HPI/ROS can be used to see prior Encounter notes.

Event Chronology

While in an Encounter or Well Visit note, the Medical Records button located in the Clinical tab may be accessed to view a patients' Event Chronology.

Tabbed Interface

The tabbed interface can be used to organize the patient chart and encounter notes in tabs so that they can be easily toggled to. To do this, navigate to the Personalize tab and select the Use tabbed interface checkbox. If the patient chart and Encounter Note were already opened, they will automatically populate in tabs. If not, you may continue by opening each.

Patient Chart Window

Even if the Tabbed Interface is not enabled, the patient chart may still be left open while in an Encounter or Well Visit note. That way, the user can flip back and forth between independent windows.