Viewing Documents by Date

Version 14.10
Path: Smart Toolbar > Docs button


This page will instruct you on how to view documents by date.

View Documents by Date

  1. Click the Docs button on the smart toolbar.
  2. In the Manage Documents window, locate the patient in the Search box .  The Patient Directory will appear.
  3. Select the patient to view the patient's images.  The images will appear in the thumbnails pane, displaying the last item that was input into OP 14.
  4. Select the Date range for the images in the patient's record:
  • 1 Month: One Month will display all images entered into the database in the past month.
  • 1 Year: One year will display  images entered into the database in the past year.
  • All:  All will display all images.
  • EFR: Selecting the EFR checkbox will display images that have EFR included.  If checked, the item will not appear unless the user requests to show these items.  If the user is not listed as the patient's primary MD in the Patient Register record then a login is required and a Disclosure Log will be created.

  1. Group the list of images by date by dragging the Date column heading above all the other columns headings.  This will group all the images by the date.  Images can then be sorted and filtered by date.  Drag the column header back into the main grid when listing the images by date is no longer required.