Viewing Lab Results in PDF and HL7 Files

This function is not available in OP if you utilize eLabs. If you use eLabs, click here.

Viewing Lab Results in PDF

To view lab results where a PDF file is attached, follow the instruction below.

  1. Click the Sched button to open the Schedule and Practice Workflow window.
  2. Click the Diag Tests tab.
  3. Click the Unmatched Received Results tab.
  4. Highlight a patient and click the PDF button.
Note: Not all results will have a PDF file attached. If the file is attached the File: heading and button are visible in the window.

Version 14.8

Viewing Lab Results in PDF and HL7 Files

For lab results that include a PDF or HL7 file (for example, from Quest Diagnostics and other select facilities), to view the lab results without filing them to a patient chart:

  1. Locate the lab results in the Lab Results grid.
  2. Click in the Filename field of the selected lab result. When you click in the Filename field, the OP Diagnostic Tests Importer displays the PDF and HL7 buttons.

  1. To view the lab results in PDF file format, click the PDF button. PDF files are only available for files sent from Quest Diagnostics. If no PDF file is available, the OP Diagnostic Tests reporter displays the message, “No PDF Available.”
  2. To view the lab results in HL7 file format, click the HL7 button. HL7 files do not provide any useable information for OP users and is supported only for OP representatives.