Viewing Previously Sent Statements/Statement Files

Version 14.10


Statements sent for individual patients can be viewed from their account. Click here for steps on viewing this information. Additionally, you can also view statements sent in:

  • The Statement Queue of the Billing Center
  • The Administrative Documents Repository

Viewing Previously Sent Statements from the Statement Queue

  1. Click Billing on the Smart Toolbar.
  2. Click the Statement Queue tab.
  3. Select the date range you would like to search, or leave as the default selection, All.
  4. Deselect the Unsent only checkbox. All statements previously sent from the queue will be displayed. You will see the following for each statement with the ability to sort in ascending/descending order:
  • Patient Name
  • Queue Date
  • Queue By
  • Send Date
  • Send By
  • Send Method
  • Balance Due
  • Pt Resp Only
  • Family Stmt
  • Custom Message

Viewing Previously Sent Statement Files from Administrative Documents

  1. Navigate to Activities > Administrative Documents.
  2. In the Transaction Type box, select STMT.
  3. Enter a Begin date and End date or leave the date fields blank to search all files.
  4. Select the checkbox to Include reviewed records.
  5. Click Search. All of the statement files sent electronically will be displayed.