Meaningful Use Reporting Requirements (Stage 1 and Stage 2 Only)

Tip: The information in this article is used for Meaningful Use Stage 2 (2018 and prior years). The information should not be used for Promoting Interoperability (formerly MU Stage 3, attestation years 2019 and after). If you need information for Promoting Interoperability, select from the links below.


In this section, you are introduced to the Meaningful Use stages and reporting requirements. The contents below is only to be used as reference for Stage 1 and Stage 2 of Meaningful use. Please take note of the above for information on Promoting Interoperability (Meaningful Use Stage 3)

Meaningful Use Stages

Note:  Previous Stage 1 and Stage 2 are now combined reporting under Modified Stage 2 Objectives as of 2015.

First two years of participation (Stage 1):

  • Year One: Attest, Implement, Upgrade
  • Year Two: 90 Consecutive Days Reporting

Subsequent years of participation (Stage 2):  Reporting for Stage 2 can begin in 2014 and continue through 2018.

  •  Full Year of Continuous Reporting
  • 2018 is a 90 day continuous reporting period using MU Modified Stage 2

Stage 3

  • Optionally begins in 2018, must move to Stage 3 in 2019.

2016 is the last year to initiate participation in Medicaid EHR Incentive Program.
2021 is the last year to receive Medicaid EHR Incentive Payments.

What Needs to be Reported

  • 10 Required Objectives and Measures
  • 9 Clinical Quality Measures (Must report from 3 of the 6 Policy Domains)

Note: Click here to access CMS Meaningful Use EHR Incentive Program 2018.

Required Objective and Measures

  • Protect Electronic Health Information (Attest)
  • Clinical Decision Support including Med/Med and Med/Allergy Interaction Checking (Attest)
  • Computerized Provider Order Entry
  • Electronic Prescribing
  • Health Information Exchange (Outbound referrals)
  • Patient Specific Education
  • Medication Reconciliation (Inbound Transitions in Care)
  • Patient Electronic Access (VDT) - Requires Patient Portal
  • Secure Messaging - Requires Patient Portal
  • Public Health Reporting (Attest)

Note: Objectives and Measures that are attest require a practice to show evidence of implementation. It is suggested for each attestation year you keep a Book of Evidence. You need to screen capture the information including the date within the year reporting. In addition, you need to screen capture the QIC when completing attestation on the state Medicaid site. Refer to the list above for Objectives and Measures that are attest only.