What's Coming in OP 19

The OP 19 preview is live and provides a new look to your OP software. Along with a new look, functions have been moved for easier access while inside a patient's chart or when on the main OP screen. A ribbon will now be the central hub for all your OP needs. Almost everything in OP can now be personalized , but rest assured, all templates, favorites, forms or other lists you have built in OP 14 will automatically carry over with this upgrade. You'll simply log in and begin your updated OP experience. 

After logging in, you will want  to customize what you see on the Main, Well and Sick Navigation panels. See the Personalize OP 19 Checklist for links to how to customize the navigation panels. 

Click here to see a video that provides a brief overview for your OP 19 changes and click here for at-a-glance list of benefits.

Upcoming OP 19 Webinars

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New terms will be used throughout the Help Center when referring to items in OP 19. You can learn more about those terms here.

OP 19 Crosswalk Table

Trying to find something in OP 19? Click here for help.

OP 14 to OP 19 Permissions Crosswalk

OP 19 gives you greater control over the View and Edit permissions of certain functions and windows. Click here for details.


The following are resources that can be used to acquaint yourself with the new look and feel of OP 19.

VideosA New Look for Office Practicum 19 - Video
Getting Started with Office Practicum 19
Key How To Steps OP 19  
Personalize the Navigation Panel OP 19
Personalize Encounter Navigation Panel OP 19
Using Tabbed Interface and Multi-Patient Mode OP 19
Customize the Ribbon OP 19

Personalize OP 19 ChecklistPersonalize OP 19 Checklist

FAQsA complete list of OP 19 FAQs can be found here.

Quick Reference GuidesOP 19 Front Desk QRG
OP 19 Register a Patient QRG
OP 19 Billing QRG
OP 19 Vaccine Inventory QRG 
OP 19 Schedule Calendar Slots QRG
OP 19 Clinical QRG
OP 19 Provider QRG
OP 19 Document Management QRG