Well Visit Placeholder

Version 14.10

Visit Placeholders are only used for a 'split-go live' (using the practice management (PM) portion of Office Practicum prior to the using the EMR portion). In most instances there is a 3-4 week gap between using the PM and EMR portions. If you have a combined go live (start using the Practice Management Software and EMR software on the same day) you will NOT need 'visit placeholders'. Please skip this page.

Note:  The purpose of applying a placeholder is so that, in the future, we'll know where to look for the visit information. Since the clinical portion is not charted/documented in Office Practicum, we are documenting in today's note: "Patient's visit information documented on paper. Please refer to Patient's Paper Chart or scanned-in record for further information regarding this visit.".

Well Visit Placeholder

  1. From Tracking, select the patient then right click on the patient and click on Open Well Visit.
  2. If prompted, Click No to applying a template.
  3. The note will open.

´╗┐When we open the note, we will get the below message. We are not going to apply the template because we are not charting the visit in Office Practicum.

If you select Yes, it will apply the Well Visit template for that visit. This will document a complete note.
You are documenting in the paper chart at this point.
This is NOT the result we want - Exit and Don't Save and begin the Process again.

Once the note is open:

  1. Click on the Templates tab.
  2. Find the "Well Visit Placeholder" template by typing Well Visit Placeholder in the Search field (will most likely be first option on list).
  3. Click the paperclip icon to apply the template.

Once we click on the 'paperclip,' Office Practicum will take you back to today's visit (Well Visit Note Editor) tab.You will notice that after applying the template the explanation has been automatically applied to the Interval History section. 

  1. Click on the Exit button. After clicking Exit, you will be prompted to Save.
  2. Click Save.