Well Visit Template Editor

Version 14.8

About Well Visit Template Editor

Path: Utilities menu > Manage Clinical Features > Well Visit Template Editor ([Alt][U][F][W])

All of the Office Practicum Well Visit Templates were created by our Medical Director, Susan Kressly, M.D., F.A.A.P.

These templates are based off of the Bright Futures Guidelines and contain Bright Futures Anticipatory Guidance, Developmental Milestones, Pre-Visit Surveys, Developmental Surveys, Patient/Parent Educational Handouts, and other items following Bright Futures recommendations.

While these templates provide you with a great starting place, we strongly suggest each practice review the information included in each template, as well as orders and workflow, prior to beginning any real patient documentation.

The Well Visit Template Editor can create, remove, edit, import, and export Well Visit Templates.  The Template Editor contains two windows:

  • The Well Visit Template Editor Template List
  • The Well Visit Template Editor

Well Visit Template Editor Template List Map




Search criteriaThe search criteria locates specific templates. 


Function buttonsThe function buttons add a template, remove a template, edit a template, and import and export templates.


Template ListThe Template List displays the Well Visit Templates based upon the search criteria.  Select a Template in the list to open the Well Visit Template Editor.

Well Visit Template Editor Map




Template List buttonThe Template List button returns the Well Visit Template Editor to the Template List.


TemplateThe Template field assigns a name to the template.


Appointment TypeThe Appointment Type selects a default appointment type when scheduling.  This is not a requirement to save the template.


Min Age (Months)The Minimum Age (months) field indicates the minimum age a child must be to receive a prompt for use.  This will only occur if the template was not chosen at the time of making an appointment. 


LocationThe Location field assigns the templates by location. If access is needed in multiple locations leave blank.


ArchivesThe Archive field is selected when the template is no longer used.


  • The Well Visit Notes tab creates Well Visit Note field entries.  This includes gender, interval history, developmental assessment, anticipatory guidance, counseling, assessment/planning, patient instructions and diagnosis.
  • The Details ROS tab contains the ROS Questions/Symptoms for the Well Visit.
  • The School Exam tab provides the school exam and developmental entries for the well visit template.
  • The Detailed Exam tab provides entries for a detailed well visit exam.
  • The Orders/Workflow tab sets up orders and workflow tasks as they relate to the practice.
  • The Procedures tab adds procedure codes to a template design in order to capture charges performed by an office procedure.


Template EntriesThe Template Entries field displays the fields for the selected Well Visit Template tab.