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What are the Billing changes in OP 19?

OP 19 does not introduce any Billing workflow changes. 

It does, however, introduce:

  • The inclusion of the Billing group in the Main Navigation panel, complete with badging. This group contains the following items that can be clicked to access the respective area in the Billing Center:
  • Claims: Claims that have been created but not queued.
  • Superbills: Unprocessed Charges older than 30 days.
  • Rejections: Claims that have been rejected and not fixed aged 90 days.
  • Queue: Claims that have been queued but not sent.
  • Remits: Adjudications that have been processed but not posted.
  • Not Ack (Acknowledged): Claims that have been sent but not acknowledged for 90 days.
  • The automatic addition of a patient's insurance payer and rendering provider to billing-related tasks. This occurs when a follow up task is created from any billing area (such as from the Claims in the patient chart, or from the Billing Center). For more information on searching for tasks by description, click here.