What Documents can be sent to the Patient Portal?

From OP, you may send Documents to the Patient Portal for the parent/guardian/patient to view. When sending a Document to the Patient Portal, you will select the Share to Portal checkbox and if necessary, enter an expiration date.

Documents shared to the Patient Portal may not be immediately available and can take up to 30 minutes to be displayed in the portal and for a message to be received by the parent.

Below is a list of the areas, within OP, you may select and send a Document.

  • Document Management
  • Medical Records
  • School / Camp Reports (Standard and End User)
  • Diagnostic Test Requisition Form
  • Asthma Action Plan
  • General Letter
  • Patient Statement

ImportantImported Documents can be shared to the portal from Document Management. In order for these Documents to successfully make it to the portal, the File Extension and File Type fields must be populated. These fields automatically populate when importing a PDF but must be manually populated when working with a JPG, TIF etc.

OP sets all defaults to share all information. Any individual decisions by Practice-users to restrict information sharing (access, use, or exchange) are the responsibility of the Practice in the implementation of its 21st Century Cures Act Information Blocking policies and procedures for its Practice and patients.