What's in Document Management?

Version 14.10

The Manage Documents window allows you to input, search, review, and edit documents. 

The Manage Document window includes the following features:

  • The Manage Documents window combines the scanning functionality with document management.
  • The new Acquisition panel is the left panel of the Manage Documents window. It is comprised of two sections: the Acquire Images & Documents section at the top, and the Sketch panel at the bottom.
  • The Document Controls Toolbar provides the basic actions and navigation for the selected document.
  • There are two attach-related featuresThe Attach button in the Document Controls toolbar allows the end user to attach documents to a Diagnostic Test or Referral. The Attach paperclip in the Message window accesses the Search for Documents window from a message so that the end user can search for a patient's documents and select a document to attach to a message.
  • Improved review functionality.
  • The Document Details Panel panel displays document- and file-related details of the document selected in the Document List panel. Details include patient information, review details, administrative details, and technical details. 
  • The Manage Documents window also makes it easier to review documents and allows the end user to send internal and external messages.
  • After importing a signature graphic using the Manage Documents window, the Signature Functions makes it easier to link signatures to the Address Book and to attach signature graphics to documents.


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