Why didn’t the results automatch to the requisition?

WarningThis information is intended only for clients currently in the implementation or production phase with OP eLabs functionality.

Results imported into OP will be automatically matched to the patient based on the following criteria:

  • Patient ID
  • Date of Birth
  • Test ID (specific to the test and provided by the lab)
  • OP Provider (NPID)
  • Order (generated by eLabs for each requisition)

Reasons for not automatically matching results to the patient:

  • The Requisition was not created with an ELECTRONIC order type.
  • the First Name, Last Name, and Middle Name (if provided) do not match.
  • Child's Sex does not match.
  • No requisition was created in OP for a lab order (this would occur prior to your practice using eLabs).
  • The Lab was ordered or performed by an outside provider or facility and was copied to your provider or practice.
  • An error in the Patient Name or ID is present, where the software could not definitively identify the patient.
  • The patient is not actually your patient, and the result was sent to you by mistake.