Why is my insurance not appearing on the Change Healthcare requisition?

WarningThis information is intended only for clients currently in the implementation or production phase with OP eLabs functionality.

If the insurance information is not showing on the requisition, begin by checking the insurance payer information itself.  Navigate to Utilities > Manage Practice > Insurance Payers.  View the payer table, and ensure that the address is populated for the payer in question. If the payer address is not present, add it to the payer record and save the information.  

If the payer address was in place or was just added, and the payer still does not transfer over to the Change Healthcare order requisition, proceed to the other troubleshooting tips below. 

Patient Register / Insurance Tab. Ensure that there is an insurance policy ranked as Primary, and set to Active.  Run an Eligibility Verification by clicking on the Validate button.  Upon the validation of the insurance, if the payer address IS populated in the Address / Employer tab, the insurance information WILL pass over to the Change Healthcare order requisition. 

Patient Register / Insurance Tab. If the payer does not opt to return their address through the validation process, the payer address will NOT populated in the Address / Employer tab.  You can leverage a secondary match method by ensuring that Subscriber Name is an exact match to one and only one name that is listed in the Contacts Record for the patient. If the Contact Record states "Beth" and the insurance validation process states that the name of the Subscriber is Elizabeth, you can update the insurance record for the patient.  If there is no address in the Address / Employer Tab and the names are not an exact match, the Insurance Information will NOT pass to the Change Healthcare order requisition, therefore, it is best practice to update the Contact Name to match the Subscriber Name.