Why is the version number at the top of the Help Center articles different from the OP version I am using?


You may have noticed that tabs containing OP version numbers have appeared at the top of the articles you are viewing in the Help Center. That is because the information in the help center is supporting two versions of OP (the current version 14.9 and the previous version 14.8). Previously, OP was running version 14.8. Now, OP is running 14.9. 

So how can I tell what information in the article is relevant for my version of OP?

If you are running OP version 14.9, then there will be no changes to how you navigate and use the help center. Simply click on the article you want to view, and the most recent information will appear.

If you are running OP version 14.8, then you will see information related to your version depending on the number of version tabs that appear at the top of the article:

  • If a single tab appears at the top of the article with the latest version number of the OP software (version 14.9), then the information for that article is relevant to both version 14.8 and version 14.9. No changes to the article were made. 

  • If two tabs appear at the top of the article, then a change to the article occurred due to the new iteration of OP 14.9. You will see the left tab is version 14.9 and the right tab is version 14.8. If you are running OP version 14.8, then click on the version 14.8 tab. The gray tab indicates the tab that is currently being viewed. 

But what if I'm running a version prior to version 14.8?

The Help Center only supports two versions of the OP software (the current and previous version). It is strongly recommended that you update to the current version of OP if you wish to utilize the information in the Help Center.