Why OP Will Block a Medication Favorite From Being Sent

Why OP Will Block a Medication Favorite from being Sent

With the April 10, 2019 release of OPEN 14.24.7, the OP system has enhanced the way it handles the sending of medications from the Medication Favorites that are associated with an NDC # and that have had critical Drug Details fields modified.

Note: Refer to the appropriate set of release notes for further details on changes to editing medications in the Medications Favorites list that are associated with an NDC #.
OP 14.9.29 (Cloud only) release notes
OP 14.10.6 (On Premise only) release notes

With this enhancement, if end users attempt to send a prescription from the Medication Favorites list and that prescription is associated with an NDC # and has had any of the following Drug Details fields edited:

  • Form
  • Strength
  • Licensing type
  • NDC #
  • Rx Drug ID 

such that the medication no longer matches the NDC #, the OP system rejects the sending of that prescription. With this enhancement, OP saves the modified prescription to the patient's chart and displays the script with a status of Added in the Created, Not Printed/Sent tab of the eRx Center.

WarningOP software does not display a message indicating that the sending of this type of prescription has been rejected. End users can determine whether the prescription was rejected by checking the status of the prescription in the Created, Not Printed/Sent tab of the eRx center. If the status remains Added, the sending of the prescription has been rejected. 

As indicated in the release notes for OP Version 14.9.29 (Cloud only) and OP Version 14.10.6 (On Premise only), the Drug Details fields in the Medication Favorites list have been locked down. End users are not able to modify the Form, Strength, Licensing type, NDC #, and Rx Drug ID fields.

The rejection of prescriptions sent under these conditions pertains only to Medication Favorites that had these fields edited before OP Version 14.9.29 (Cloud) and OP Version 14.10.6 (On Premise). Because these two releases locked down these fields, end users are not able to edit these medications and there is no risk of them being rejected. However, these fields may have been modified prior to these releases and may still exist in a modified version in Medication Favorites. OP recommends checking these medications before sending them.  

The following screen captures illustrate an accurate NDC with Drug Details:

This screen capture illustrates an inaccurate NDC Drug Details (the Strength and NDC # fields have been modified):