Workflow: Provide Portal Access to an Additional Parent


Additional parents who need their own access to a patient's portal account must be provided a PIN. However, because only one issued PIN is active at a time, the patient must already be registered for the portal in order for the second parent to be able to create a portal account. 

Below are two options for an additional parent to create their own portal account. In the sections below:

  • Parent A refers to the parent who was initially provided a PIN and completed the patient's portal registration with that PIN. 
  • Parent B refers to the additional parent that needs their own access to the patient information in the patient portal. 

Parent B Uses the Same PIN that was Provided to Parent A

The same PIN can be used by multiple parents to create separate portal accounts.

  • Parent A receives a PIN and creates a portal account by either following link in the welcome email or by navigating to the OP Patient Portal URL from the printout.
  • Parent B navigates to the portal URL and creates their own account by entering the same PIN for the child when prompted to do so.
  • Both parents will be listed in the Associations section of the patient’s account on the OP Practice Portal.

Parent B is Issued Their Own PIN

Once the patient has been registered for the portal by Parent A, an additional PIN can be sent to Parent B from the OP Practice Portal. Follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the patient's account in the Practice Portal: Practice Portal > Patient Administration > Account button > search for and select the patient.
  2. In the Account Settings of the Administrative tab, confirm the following:
  • Status = Registered
  • PIN/VQ = Pin Already Assigned

  1. Click Generate PIN. The Patient Registration window is displayed.
  2. Complete the following fields:
  • Register Patient with: PIN is selected by default. To change, select the Verification Question radio button.
  • Email Address: Email Address is selected by default. Select Parent B's email address using the drop-down or select Other and enter it manually.
  • Text Message (optional): Select the radio button to receive the registration by text. Enter the cell phone number.
  • Cell Carrier (optional): Select a Cell Carrier from the drop-down menu. Required if Text Message was selected.
  • Send to: The Send to radio buttons, Parent/Guardian or Minor, display when registering a patient 12 or older. The default selection is Parent/Guardian.
  • Print PIN (optional): Click Print PIN for a paper copy.
  • Do not send PIN (optional): Click the radio button when the PIN information does not need to be sent.
  1. Complete the patient registration page by selecting from the options below.
  • Click the Send PIN / Verification Question button. This option would be used if a parent will complete the registration at a later time. A welcome email is sent to the parent so that they can create their portal account.
  • Click the Complete / Log In button. This option would be used if a parent will complete the registration immediately. The Patient Portal registration page opens to complete the registration process and a welcome email is sent to the parent.