Working with OPHL7 Service

Version 14.8

Working with OPHL7Service

Office Practicum can be integrated with other practice management (PM) systems so that practice management operations are performed in PM system and EMR operations are performed in Office Practicum. You need to install the OPHL7Service interface (also referred to as the OPtoPCC.exe) to integrate these two applications.

PM systems, like PCC, are typically considered authoritative for patient register and schedule information. Whenever a patient or appointment is added, changed, or deleted in PM, a message is sent to, and processed by, OP. These messages include schedule progress changes, so OP users will know when patients have checked in.

OP is authoritative for charge information based on medical work. OP sends new charges back to PM as they happen. It is the billing department's job to decide when to roll up all current charges that have been sent to the PM system into an actual claim.

OPHL7Service can also be set up to send patient and schedule information (in addition to billing information) to the PM system. In this case, the PM system is typically just used for billing.


  • If the PM system is authoritative for patient ID's, you should not create patients in OP, but you can edit patient information that is not maintained in the PM system.
  • If the PM system is authoritative for schedule information, you should not create/edit schedule events in OP that are related to patients (e.g. you could enter an event for a drug rep visiting the doctors)
  • The Superbill form should be turned off for all users.

If you need to merge patient information, you need to do this on both on  the PM side and Office Practicum. In both systems, both patient ID's  will continue to exist, but one will be marked as inactive.