Worksheet Builder

Version 14.10

About Worksheet Builder

Path: Utilities menu > Manage Clinical Features > Chart Notes Worksheet Names ([Alt][U][F][N])

The Worksheet Builder creates worksheets for OP.  The left panel contains all the worksheets and the right panel contains the selected worksheet items.  The worksheets are applied to chart notes and worksheets within the patient’s chart.  

Worksheet Builder Map




Add Worksheet Names panelThe Added Worksheet Names contains all the worksheets within a patient’s chart.  Selecting a worksheet displays the items within the worksheet in the Worksheet Items panel.


Worksheet Items panelThe Worksheet Items panel lists the questions, descriptions, and item locations in this panel when a worksheet is selected in the Add Worksheet Names panel.


Function buttonsThe function buttons add, remove, and edit worksheets in the Add Worksheet Names panel.  You can also save changes, cancel changes, and refresh data using these buttons.


E and I buttonsThe E button exports a worksheet.  The I button imports a worksheet.


Add/RemoveThe Add and Remove buttons add or remove items to a worksheet.


Change the Item Position on worksheetThe Change Item position on worksheet field sets the worksheet item sort position.  Changes can be saved or canceled.