Writing a Referral to a Specialist

Version 14.10
  1. Open the Referrals / Care Transition List
  2. Click the Add (Insert) a Recordbutton. The Referral/Care Transition Details form will open to the Medical Documentation Tab
  3. Under Type of Referral/Care Transition, select Referral to a specialist. 
  4. Under Status select Pending (Awaiting Response). This will enter the referral into the Referral Tracking system.  
  5. Using the dropdown boxes, you can change the Written Date (defaults to today's date) and the Flag Date (alerts you on that date if you haven't received a notice that the patient went). 
  6. Enter the name of the provider writing the letter by clicking the doctor button to the right of the Referring Provider field. Select a provider using the Staff Name Lookup form. 
  7. In the Referred to field, enter the specialist's name by clicking the address book button or patient information button next to the Provider field, and selecting a name or practice from the dropdown menu. 

Tip: Choose from the Category dropdown, the specialty the child is being referred to for a list of all providers associated with that specialty in your Address Book. Once a provider or practice is selected, all of the specialist's available contact information will transfer over automatically.

Note: If your practice simply provides a list of specialists to the parent to make their own choice and appointment, you can click the Specialty dropdown and select the specialty the child is being referred to. Details of which provider the appointment was made with can be entered at a later time. 
  1. Fill in any fields that were not automatically filled, if applicable.  
  2. Enter the ICD code(s) for all referred procedures. 
  3. In the Reason for referral field, enter the reason for referral in one of the following ways:
  • Enter text directly in the Text field.
  • Click the Use Phrase Construction icon to the left of the Text field to enter the text using the Phrase Construction system.
  • Copy and paste information from one of the patient's records, such as an encounter note, into the referral. 
  1. If applicable, select the Report Contents by clicking the down-arrow and selecting from the dropdown menu.  
  2. Click on the Insurance / Admin Tab. 
  3. The Patient Insurance should automatically populate. Click on the Red X buttons to delete this information from the letter if it isn't required. 
  4. If the patient's insurance requires Prior Authorization, select the appropriate radial button for the Authorization status. Enter the date range in which the referral will be active by clicking the down-arrow and selecting dates from the dropdown calendars (if applicable). 
  5. Enter the number of authorized visits using the up/down arrows (if applicable).
  6. When finished, click the Save, Send, or Print button. This will close the window and return you to the Referrals / Care Transition List
  7. To reprint, highlight the Referral to be printed and click the Print button in the upper left corner of the list. 
  8. The complete text of the referral will be saved in the patient's chart, and will appear in the Event Chronology, as well as the Referrals / Care Transition List. 

Pending Referrals will display in the Schedule and Practice Workflow Window under the Referrals tab for tracking purposes.