Writing Prescriptions: Entering a Reference Prescription

Version 14.8

When a specialist or other doctor prescribes a medication for one of your patients, enter it in the patient's Medication List as a reference with a note that the medication had been written by another doctor. You can also use the reference format when entering a medical history for a patient new to your practice.

  1. Open the patient's Medication List.
  2. Click the button.
  3. Click the down arrow button beside the Purpose field, and choose Med - reference only from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter the prescription as you would an e-prescription.
Note: In order for the medication to be linked to the RCopia Drug Interaction database, the prescription must have an NDC (National Drug Code) number attached. To find the exact medication formulation in the database, you may also need to enter the dosage amount.