Writing Prescriptions: Writing a Free-Text Prescription

Version 14.8
Note: Free-text prescriptions cannot be sent out electronically.
  1. After following the Basic Instructions and selecting Med - unformatted from the "Purpose" drop-down menu (Step 6), a free-text prescription text field will be displayed in the middle portion of the form. 
  2. Type your prescription in the field, or click the (folder) icon to access the Phrase Construction Prescription Library. 
  3. Enter the days supply, dispense number, and number of refills in the lower left section of the window. Click the calculator icons to the left of each field and enter each number using the drop-down number pad. 
  4. Click the check boxes in the lower right section to indicate if the medication is to be dispensed as written ("DAW"), and whether it is an ongoing medication. 
  5. Click the Save button to save and close. The prescription will now appear in the patient's Medication List.