Zone Purpose

Version 14.10
Utilities > Manage Practice > Appointment Preferences


The Zone Purpose tab in the Appointment Types and Zones window gives users the ability to define the purpose of their Appointment Zones. Entries in this list will appear in the Purpose dropdown on the Appointment Types and Template Zones tabs (the Template Zones tab is shown below). Zone Purpose is used to calculate the number of minutes that have been slotted for each Appointment Type and how much of that slotted time has been scheduled. Zone Purposes cannot be removed or archived, but will only calculate if they are used on the calendar.

Adding a Zone Purpose

  1.  Click Utilities on the menu toolbar.
  2. Select Manage Practice.
  3. Select Appointment Preferences.
  4. Click the Zone Purpose tab.

  1. Click the Insert Record button. A blank entry line will appear in the table.
  2. Enter the name of the Purpose and a Description (optional).
  3. Click the Post Edit button .
  4. Once all changes are made, click the Exit button .

Viewing Slot Usage on the Calendar

  1. Navigate to the Calendar by clicking Sched on the Smart Toolbar and then selecting the Calendar tab.
  2. Select the Schedule tab located at the bottom of the calendar (if enabled).
  3. On the right of the window is the Slot Usage section, select the checkbox to Show.