Pharmacy Favorites

Version 14.8

If you have access to Utilities, you may build a Favorite Pharmacy list for the Practice by accessing Utilities > Manage Clinical Features > Pharmacy Favorites.

To add a pharmacy favorite:

  1. Access the choose a Pharmacy window (Utilities > Manage Clinical Features > Pharmacy Favorites).
  2. Click the SureScripts Master List tab.
  3. Search for a pharmacy.
  4. Highlight the pharmacy.
  5. Click the Add to Favorites button.
Note: Retail is the default search option. To search for Mail Order pharmacies, select the Mail Order checkbox.

  1. You will receive the following pop-up window to confirm that you want to add the pharmacy to the practice favorite list. Click the Yes button to add the pharmacy.

To remove a pharmacy from the Favorites list:

  1. Click on the Favorites tab. 
  2. Highlight the pharmacy.
  3. Click the Remove from Favorites button. The same steps apply to the All Previously Used by this Patient tab tab.