How can I make sure PMX alerts go through to patients?

  • Try to persuade your patients from having the cell phone as the call method of contact. If need be, text messages are much more reliable.
  • Remind patients that a missed call more than likely has to do with an upcoming appointment. If they receive a missed call, they should call back ASAP.
  • If you notice a pattern of missed alerts, please gather as much information as possible and contact Office Practicum Support. We can contact our third-party vendor with specific examples and find exactly where the problem is occurring.

Troubleshooting PMX Alerts

There are a few reasons why an alert from the Patient Message eXchange may not go through to the patient.

  • The specified notification type is set to Cell Phone. Cell phones have a tendency of not being 100% reliable with how they operate. Sometimes our system:
  • Will think a cell phone picks up when it doesn't.
  • Can't navigate the voicemail system and considers the call to have gone through, when it never did. 
  • Leaves the patient with a missed call with no message.
  • The Spam folders may also be blocking the alert from being sent to the patient. Notify your patients to set up their address book to allow your practice's emails if they are being blocked.
  • Your ISP may be blocking the communications from being sent out. This is different from Spam folders blocking an email. You will need to contact us if you notice that none of your alerts are being sent out.
  • If the Reply to phone number contains characters other than numeric values or is blank the phone number is invalid and will fail. Check the Reply To number in PMX by accessing Practice Management tab > Patient Message eXchange > Telephone tab.